Psychic Voodoo


Voodoo is a word with many meanings: it can refer to religions, spiritual disciplines or to a mish-mash of superstition. Originally, the term 'voodoo' meant 'spirit'.

In popular western culture, voodoo is about superstition: it is famous for voodoo dolls, zombification and people who can do very bad and mysterious things to you.

Unless studied as a spiritual discipline, there is little for a psychic to learn from the popular view of voodoo. We could say that psychic voodoo is about fear; managing and inflicting it.

In modern lore the voodoo doll is formed using hair, nail clippings or bodily fluids of a target person. This is done to transfer a part of identity and synchronize the psychic energies between the target person and the doll. Pain is caused to the person by poking needles into the doll, representing the weak points of the body.

A psychic operates with psychic energy, rather than primarily fear and pain as horror movies would lead us to believe. Fear and pain are experiences, and only the person who experiences them can choose to do so. (In this regard, psychic hypnosis techniques are more likely to achieve such results than sticking needles into a focus object.)


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