Psychic Wisdom


What is the difference between being smart, intelligent and wise?

A smart person is someone who has accumulated a lot of knowledge and has a broad view - a walking and talking encyclopedia. An intelligent person can size up problems and solve them quickly and decisively.

A wise man is someone who was once knowledgeable and intelligent, and has successfully distilled a mass amount of these values into simple, deep, self-evident truths and has applied them in his life and to his attitude.

Wisdom is a kind of zen - psychic wisdom is a kind of psychic zen.

Psychic wisdom might tell us "as above, so below", "do unto others as you would have others do unto you", "love thy neighbor" etc., but only a wise person can see and understand the deep meaning of those words. Without that deep and personal experience - they are just empty words.

A psychic might be smart and know about many patterns; intelligent and have a will of fire; but for direct experience and deep enjoyment one must also have psychic wisdom.


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