Psychic Prayer


A prayer where you sincerely mean what you say is a psychic prayer.

Praying is a double-edged sword; it can greatly strengthen or weaken a person. Whether it's one or the other depends on three major factors: who you are, who you are praying to, and what you are praying for.

Who you are determines how you see the world and what kind of attitude you take towards it. Your limits, capabilities and near potential are also determined by it. If you use psychic prayer without regard to your current state, you are setting yourself up for surprise or disappointment.

Who you are praying to points to how you presently experience your reality. This step of a psychic prayer is also called 'invocation' in western magical disciplines - you basically bring into existence the being you are talking to. If you are unclear - you are praying to an unclear vision of God.

What you are praying for is where most mistakes lie. If you ask for too little, you will stay stuck in the mud. (False humbleness out of fear may be a polite thing, but it is not healthy.) If you ask for too much, you might get it, and then you will have to face the unforeseen consequences - unforeseen because you haven't taken the time to reflect and ascertain your true wishes.

A wise person listens, and speaks only if he or she has something to say. Remember to be sincere in what you say and have as clear a voice as possible.


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