Psychic Remote Viewing


Remote viewing is a method of accessing psychic abilities (especially clairvoyance).

It can be difficult to get a good grasp of the psychic realm because of its mostly subjective nature (especially in the beginning). There are no corners to grab onto, so to speak.

There are two main benefits to psychic remote viewing:

Remote viewing is an objective approach which attempts to instill objectivity into the understanding of the psychic realm. The first benefit is that through the planned, goal oriented ritual of remote viewing the psychic can slowly through practice recognize some internal structure and consistency of what is essentially subjective.

The second benefit is that through the habit and clearly defined start and end of sessions it gets easier to slip into a state of consciousness where psychic interaction can be performed more clearly.

In a way, getting to know the psychic world through the planned approach of psychic remote viewing is like making a cocoon: through practice the advanced remote viewer will absorb the essence of the discipline and discard the shell.


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