Psychic Regression


Life is constant change. In order to move forward, sometimes it's useful to take a step back.

'Regression' means 'to go back', and psychic regression is about revisiting a memory, an experience or a state of consciousness. As we change through life, so do the boundaries we identify ourselves with. In a sense, psychic regression is about time travel - establishing the experience of our identity through time.

We all notice that we sometimes forget things. Sometimes, we remember things differently - memory is how actually the mind connects the dots together. Not only the memory changes - our states of existence also change, and even if the objective memory is the same, we are unable to experience it the same way.

Through psychic regression we may attempt to recover a forgotten memory, but even more interestingly, we may attempt to recover a forgotten state of consciousness. (One common example of this is the 'inner child'.)

The deeper you go, the more interesting things get.


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