In The Psychic World...


In the psychic world, subjective trumps the objective. In the psychic world, love is the language of communication. In the psychic world, fears come true faster than wishes.

The psychic realm is as much a state of mind as it is reality. Fluid, changing states of consciousness are the 'building blocks' it is made of - not concrete objects of physical matter. Think of it as going from light to gas to liquid to solid (and back the other way). Your subjective reality is something you can control and influence, and you can extend that reality as a pulse out into the world - and take it all back by integrating it into yourself.

Fears come from our subconsciousness, usually from a part which we semi-consciously reject for one reason or another. In the psychic world these imbalances are revealed to us, and we are forced to recognize them - or we go back to living our lives asleep. The subconscious aspect of our minds is larger than the conscious and it is generally somewhat on autopilot, that's why fears are realized at once while wishes take conscious effort.

The good news is that the psychic also recognizes that which allows the world to exist, and that is Love - the ability of consciousness to change, accept, and identify with another consciousness. In the psychic world Love is truly the universal language, both in its shallow and deep interpretations.

Have an open mind and an open, fearless, radiating heart - venture bravely into the unknown!


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