Psychic Dream Interpretation


If you are interpreting your own dream, you are at a huge advantage. Not all dreams are created equal - most dreams are not very relevant in relation to waking consciousness. Focus on those dreams which are recurring or which evoke strong feelings.

There are two main parts to interpreting your dreams: the first is recalling the feelings and states of mind you experienced, and the second is interpreting the symbolism of the dreams. If you can do the first, the second will come much easier. If there are symbols which are personally relevant to you in some way, focus on those.

When you are interpreting the dreams of others, you don't have direct access to their experienced feelings and states of mind, you don't know the personal history and context of any particular symbols, and on top of that there's the communication barrier.

So how to do a psychic dream interpretation for others? Use your psychic sight to 'interpret' the person first; understand what makes them tick and the direction they are taking in their lives. Compare the insights you get this way to the symbology of the dream they described - most likely there will be a lot of matches and correlations that become obvious to you.

In the final step, use these symbols to describe your insights to the person who asked for them. The symbology of the dream provides the common ground for communication and hopefully that person too will have an 'Aha!' moment when the meaning of the dream clicks in place.


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