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The New Age movement has done a lot of good by popularizing many aspects of spirituality and spiritual fulfillment. Many New Age books and workshops offer easy and accessible ways to get started on the path of the psychic.

However, there are also drawbacks to the 'new age': many regard spirituality as fashion and engage in related activities because they find it fashionable. Personal comfort, rather than spiritual or psychic progress, is often the focus of New Age thoughts or activities. If one manages to avoid the allure of spiritual comfort and safety (a form of decadence), there is another common pitfall: sugar coated words of 'love & light' often perpetuate duality even if they aim for unity.

Just as many people go to church as a way of gaining social recognition, many people embrace New Age in a similarly shallow fashion. In some cases, it's even worse: people delude themselves that they are moving forward while they are stubbornly standing in one place. Spiritual enlightenment and psychic abilities won't come if you are gobbling down junk food while watching television; balance comes through self-discipline. Do your best to be honest with yourself at all times.

Of course, there are many good things out there, as long as you use your discernment and learn to separate wheat from chaff. As a psychic, learn everything you find useful from New Age philosophies - just remember to take the bitter with the sweet, and bring your fears and problems out in the open where you can accept and overcome them - instead of comfortably sweeping them under the rug.


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