Psychic Awakening


Psychic awakening might feel like a moment's experience that has long lasting effects, but such an experience is usually the culmination of much work finally 'clicking' into place.

There's always the question of "awakening to what?". Each integrated experience of psychic awakening creates a new 'self', a higher level of consciousness compared to which past experiences in life seem as sleepwalking. How to trigger a psychic awakening? Dream boldly, prepare thoroughly, focus fully, work persistently, rest deeply. It's all about balance.

A 'wake-up call' is similar to the experience of awakening; it happens when an outside influence sets us off balance and forces us to see ourselves and the world with new eyes (even if only briefly). Since such a brief psychic awakening experience of the 'wake-up call' is not backed by conscious work and progress, it doesn't last long before the 'reset' into normality.

As you progress, you will see that there are many different states and levels of consciousness to awaken to. Until you integrate and master a state, it is usual to oscillate between the desired state and the normal state. Such a back-and-forth takes its toll, but is necessary. Don't be afraid of mood swings, just don't let them divert you from your path.

After a while the desire for 'psychic awakening' is converted into desire for 'psychic mastery'. There is no longer the duality of being awake or not, but it's as if many beams of light converge in a pulsating hall of mirrors and refract to all sides, revealing marvelous shapes.


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