Psychic Transformation


Psychic transformation is a gradual process. Even though an experience of awakening, illumination or strong feeling of beauty might hit you in the head, making sense of that experience within yourself might take some time.

Even after you understood and made that experience your own so much that you can evoke it almost completely at will and use it on the subjective psychic level, the psychic transformation is still not complete.

The next step is integrating the psychic understanding with your everyday life, habits and behavior. Find as many uses for your newfound knowledge as you can. Make it stronger and clearer by having it interact with the physical reality around you.

After a while, you notice that a cycle of psychic transformation became complete. That understanding, experience, knowledge and attitude became so much a part of yourself and your everyday routine that it became part of the psychic sight which you use at all times.

The completed psychic transformation feels so natural that you wonder how you managed to live your life with your eyes closed before.


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