Psychic Characteristics


There are different types of psychics and therefore many different characteristics. Here are a few categories as examples:

- Some people pretend to be psychics in order to deceive the gullible and 'ease' their wallets. Smooth-talking greed is characteristic of these people and they should not be considered psychics.

- Many people took a few steps in the psychic realm and then stopped. They either lack the courage and determination to proceed, or they are just currently focusing on the more materialistic aspects of their lives. The important things is whether they are being honest with themselves: if they are managing their time and priorities then that can be best, but if they are deluding themselves for the sake of comfort, that can be a deep hole to climb out of.

- Some people are walking the psychic path. If they stumble upon an obstacle, they might pause to think about how to tackle it, but when they find a way to overcome the problem, they proceed fearlessly and joyfully. What matters is not how great your psychic abilities are, but how well you can use them to live the life you want.

- Many people embrace spirituality in their lives, but they don't like the term 'psychic' because of its negative connotations or because the word has outlived its usefulness and they found more accurate terms. (There are many words to refer to same or similar things.)

There are many ways to travel the path of the psychic; whether you walk, run or bunny hop on the road influences the psychic characteristics you express.


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