Psychic Symptoms


Changes are inevitable as you progress as a psychic. Besides the desired psychic symptom of understanding the world better and feeling psychic energies directly, common physical symptoms of psychic awakening include the following:

- Yawning. You will likely find that your previous shallow breathing patterns simply don't cut it anymore. You desire more air and insisting on better quality (fresh, not stale) air. Through yawning you also adjust for a greater influx of psychic energies. Start taking walks in nature if you're not doing it already.

- Dietary changes. Some foods you can't stand anymore and some foods you devour in mass quantities. The physical body has to reflect and sustain the changes of the psychic body. If you neglect the dietary needs of your physical body, your body will find ways to let you know. (If you stubbornly cling to old eating habits, it can get unpleasant.)

- Flu-like symptoms. By going through many changes in a short amount of time your body learns to prepare ahead and anticipate more changes. Make sure to get rid of all kinds of biological, mental and emotional waste from your psychic being.

- Feeling tired/energized. As you switch to a different default psychic state, the combination of new and old psychic vibrations might influence you in different ways. Pay attention to yourself and your environment in order to adjust.

These are some of the common psychic symptoms. Depending on how you explore the psychic realms, it is likely that you will also experience uncommon symptoms which are more or less specific or unique to you as an individual.


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