Psychic Stress


Essentially all stress we feel is psychic stress.

People think that we fell stress because of a variety of mental, emotional, societal or spiritual pressures, but that's only half truth. We feel stress because we resist such pressures. The instinctual, crude and unaware way we resist the pressure is what causes the confusion and inability to make clearheaded decisions.

Don't resist - let it through.

If we dig deeper, we find that we live in a sea of psychic energies and that we resist the pressure in order to maintain our little bubble of personal reality. If this kind of 'psychic atmospheric pressure' gets too much, we experience what is called 'general anxiety'.

Cleanse yourself. Breathe deeply. Accept the consequences of your decisions, even if they are bad ones. Say goodbye to psychic stress and worry. Do your best - and let come what may.


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