Psychic Evil


The psychic realm can be a strange and terrifying place. Is it possible that there is some kind of primal evil lurking there?

It is true that there are many primal forces a psychic can encounter. However, being evil or not doesn't really enter the equation. If you stare into the sun, is it because the sun is evil that you turn blind?

'Good' and 'evil' are oversimplifications we humans use to try to keep the universe from overwhelming us. Psychic forces are not inherently good nor evil - they are what they are.

On the other hand, a psychic often encounters fears - and there's nothing more terrifying than our own fears. If we give form to these fears, we encounter evil demons that attempt to harm us. Your worst and most frightening enemy is yourself.

Psychic evil is a way our fears subvert the flow of psychic energy, and it is our feeling of helplessness which creates a reality of duality. There is only one way to defeat psychic evil, which is to be courageous and look into the mirror it presents us.


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