Psychic Fire


'Fire' is another metaphysical concept important for psychics.

The ancient greek philosophers saw the world as consisting of four elements: fire, air, water, earth. Applying these elements to the realm of the mind, we can say that:

- psychic fire represents the expansion and purification of conscious thought
- psychic air represents the sharpness and abstractness of thoughts
- psychic water represents the sea of subconsciousness thoughts are immersed in
- psychic earth represents the form and structure of thoughts

Considering this categorization, it's easy to see why fire is important for psychics: if we want to see what others don't, we have to purify and expand our consciousness.

Of course, balance is the key. If you don't handle fire with care, the flames will burn away your whole human personality instead of just the impurities. Fire as a metaphysical concept can be quite useful to a psychic in many situations.


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