Psychic Development


Psychic development is closely related to personal development.

Successful psychic development does indeed include a lot of practice and active doing, but it goes much deeper than that. What matters with psychic development is who you are, and not so much what you do. This is because the psychic's primary tool is the psychic himself/herself.

If you expect that by psychic development you can just tack on yourself a few extra skills, you are mistaken. Observing clearly inner change, inner processes is a requirement, and by these observations you change yourself. Psychic ability does not come directly from the outside, but is allowed to manifest from within. It is a kind of integration of the outside world and the inside world; making the two into a unified whole.

Personal development includes working on self-discipline, prioritization of goals, decision-making, courage and confidence, written and verbal communication etc. Without self-discipline, it is difficult to handle psychic energies. Without prioritization, it is easy to get lost. Without decision-making, you might linger on in an unhealthy state. Without courage, you will be immobilized by fear. Without communication, it will be difficult to understand psychic shapes and forms. And so on, every personal deficiency becomes even more accentuated in the psychic realm.

Finding and establishing your true self is the core part of the psychic development process. It's okay to take some time in life to find yourself, but at one point it becomes necessary not only to find but also actively develop and create the person you wish to be.


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